My work on the relationships between technology and society also extends to applied projects.

info-strat-logo-ret1The Information Strategies for Societies in Transition program builds capacity across sectors in Myanmar through a leadership development program, information literacy outreach through public libraries, and projects to support the 2015 elections and the peacebuilding process. I am the Associate Director of the project as well as the project manager.


I have supervised many teams of undergraduate and graduate researchers.

Projects for an external client

I have supervised four project teams of Jackson School students conducting research for Microsoft. In every case, a small group of undergraduates and one graduate student conducted research based on queries proposed by the client. The students then produced a professional research report and presentation. This involved scoping the project with the client in advance, interviewing and selecting the students, and supervising all aspects of the project.

In 2013, 2014, and 2015 the students focused on creating a rich picture of cybersecurity and Internet governance issues in a particular part of the world–often including a look to the roles of each country in international Internet governance. In 2016, students addressed the issue of appropriate responses to extremist ICT use.

Here are news stories about the projects from 20142015, and 2016.

Projects for the Jackson School

Between 2011-2013, I supervised multiple undergraduate research groups working on various projects through the Center for Global Studies.

For instance, I oversaw a multi-quarter project to create a database of the major newspapers for every country and major socio-political units in the world (e.g., Guam or Western Sahara). Below is a screenshot of the tool this data helped produce.

news map

Projects for the Information School

In 2015, I was the faculty lead on a graduate level research seminar in the Information School. Students engaged in projects related to the work conducted in the Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA). TASCHA works on information and communication technology (ICT) projects around the world–particularly ICT for development projects.

White-OrangeKNOW’s mission is (1) to create and maintain an interactive website for teaching, learning, and global engagement by (2) serving as a central connection point for the Jackson School of International Studies’ (JSIS) intellectual community and (3) in doing so, create an innovative international news ecology for news consumption and creation.

I worked on the creation, conceptualization, prototyping, and management of this tool. I also oversaw its deployment in various classes, including helping create assignments based on its use.

cropped-JSIS-Blog11-300x72 I created and piloted this travel blog for the Jackson School of International Studies.


JSJ_Logo2I served as a member of the advising board for the Jackson School Journal from its inception until 2015–including work with the initial conceptualization and creation of the Journal.  JSJ is created, managed, and produced by undergraduates.